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Your Urban Holistic Wellness & Body Sculpting Studio Featuring UltraShape Power  Body Contouring & Europe's Original Metabolic Reset Program Metabolic Balance

At Bliss we are committed to helping your look and feel your best. Unlike most body sculpting providers, we are happy to be different.

Aside from body sculpting we also specialize in nutrition, a key piece for successful body contouring results. Each of our clients receives a free nutrition plan to help them optimize their results.

Helping our clients to achieve their health and wellness goals is our passion. Our holistic nutritionist can help to analyze how to optimize overall health and to make better food and lifestyle choices.

Get ready for your transformation!

Urban setting for a comfortable & relaxed experience 

Our location is home-based in the community of Chaparral Valley in southeast Calgary.

We have a comfortable space dedicated to treating you with comfort and relaxation during your treatments and consultations.

Why choose us for your wellness journey?

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Achieve your ideal body shape with UltraShape Power Permanent Fat Loss - Non-invasive, painless, no freezing or heating. The best alternative to liposuction procedure.


Holistic Nutrition is more than just assessing the foods our clients eat. It's also about helping them create a healthy & balanced lifestyle. Together with our clients we create a plan to help manage life's busy & stressful schedule. 

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Metabolic Balance Program

The original Metabolic Reset program from Europe, you can now create optimum health with a tailored, completely unique nutrition program.

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