If  you're tired of dieting and want to finally reach your goal without the struggle & frustration, you will love what a personalized program can do for you!
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Reach Your Goal Faster

Take the guesswork out of your personalized nutrition with Metabolic Balance, a scientifically based nutrition program designed to help you shed excess weight, regain energy, balance hormones and get your life back

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Years and years of struggling with my health, constant yo-yo dieting and never truly reaching my weight goals left me feeling defeated. I know the struggles of every failed attempt to making permanent changes that last. That is until I was able to find a program that gave me the tools I needed to see the results I was hoping for.

This personalized approach to eating allowed me to take control over my autoimmune condition, release weight and help balance my hormones. I started feeling like myself again, and you can too..

For the past 8 years I have been helping others make the same changes by designing a completely unique lifestyle plan for lasting success. 

I'm Claudia McIntyre, Holistic Nutritionist & Metabolic Balance Coach

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Your uniqueness is our focus

You may have learned online why Metabolic Balance has been scientifically-proven to be one of the most successful diet programs ever.

One key to the program’s success lies in the high degree of individualization and uniqueness:

“Nobody is (or eats) like each other.” In other words, this means that you certainly have specific preferences in your diet.

With this in mind and the fact we are each biochemically unique, Metabolic Balance offers a truly personalized approach to resetting the metabolism, Learn a new way of living a healthy lifestyle with a program as unique as you.
The program concept

Metabolic Balance was developed from the knowledge that our daily food has an enormous influence on the functioning of our body systems and processes and therefore on our overall well-being.

The plan is individually tailored to your needs and is based on peer-reviewed scientific nutrition research.

At Metabolic Balance, we believe that adequate nutrition for the body should be as natural as possible. The more food has been processed and the more additives have been added to it, the more likely it will negatively affect the body. This is why Metabolic Balance recommends local, natural and organic foods that are as fresh as possible.

Note: The Program is in no way a replacement of or substitute for medical consultation with your personal physician(s)

What you can expect
The basis of your program and what factors we use to create your plan

What does the plan tell you?

Metabolic Balance is a comprehensive nutrition concept based on intensive and individual care as well as the creation of an individual nutrition plan.

Your personalized Metabolic Balance plan shows:


which foods to eat to provide the right nutrients you need

in what quantities these foods should be eaten

in which combination foods are best for you

when and how to consume these foods

how to maintain your new eating habits for long term sustainable success

Healthy Food

Nothing but Wholefoods

Our program is all about whole foods. No shakes, pills, pre-made meals or bars to buy and eat. We are all about teaching you how to eat for health in the long term, not a quick fix.

Delicious & Nutritious

Eating a variety of nutritious foods that are not just healthy but delicious too is important to being able to stick to your new way of eating. No bland foods here!

Complete Food Groups

With your program there are no food groups off limits. Yes that means you still get to eat bread. Each food group has a nutritional profile important for optimal health.  

I have always struggled to lose weight and keep it off. With this program i was able to lose weight and maintain it for the past 2 years. So thrilled to stop dieting and start living.

Cassie M. (lost 27 lbs)

Metabolic Balance has helped me feel younger and more energetic than the years before where I struggled to balance hormones and lose some weight. So happy with my results

Guda N. (lost 22 lbs)

Since starting the program I have noticed a big change in how I feel. Not just with weight loss but also my sleep and moods. It's an easy to follow program too. Definitely the best investment I have made in myself

Sophie C. (lost 23 lbs)

Weight loss success stories
Get inspired by Jennifer. and her amazing, real-life success story

Hi, my name is Jennifer, I am 25 years old and when I started the Metabolic Balance program earlier this year I weighed 110 kg.


How did I find out about Metabolic Balance? It’s very simple. Christmas 2011, I saw pictures of myself and was shocked to see what I had become. Something had to change - no, everything had to change! 

So I decided to take action, educated myself, and that's how I discovered Metabolic Balance. I had tried quite a few diets before, but nothing really worked out for me, especially because of the yoyo effect. So I made an appointment with my current coach and, little by little, I changed my life.


I found a new job that I'm fully satisfied with, moved into a new apartment with my boyfriend and started my Metabolic Balance nutrition program. 

After eight months, I had lost 35 kg! I am so happy with my new weight and feel absolutely good about myself. 

I am often asked how I manage to lose weight given that my boyfriend eats "normally" and if that does not frustrate me too much? I have to say, it doesn't bother me at all and doesn't pose a problem if someone next to me is eating a pizza or a burger while I am enjoying my delicious meals. Because I know this is for my own good.


The dreaded yoyo effect no longer scares me either because I don't intend to fall back into the trap of old eating habits and I intend to continue to eat healthily and pay attention to the quality of my food.

*Testimony courtesy Metabolic Balance 




A complete review of your current & past health history provides a look at how we can best create a plan that works. 

Meal Plan

Your completely unique meal plan is created to support your body's processes. No two plans are alike.


You are never left on your own to navigate this new lifestyle. Your coach is available for guidance & support


We are dedicated to your success. Health is more than just the number on your scale & we are here to help you gain further insights into living a healthy lifestyle.

What does the program include?
We customize your journey with personalized nutrition & support, guiding you to success one step at a time.
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A unique plan tailor-made for you,
now at your fingertips

Having your personal roadmap plus the guidance and support from your coach to get you to your goal, will help you be more successful than on your own.

What's more, we have an amazing new app that will give you access to your plan anywhere you go. Create your weekly meal plan and customize your shopping list to help you stick to your plan and reach your goals. 


If you have any questions or need additional information, please click the button below to get started or send us an email at hey@aquafloatwellness.ca
Lose weight today with a personalized plan